How Dental Health Affects Overall Health

One of the most important aspects of your life is definitely your health. The body’s systems are interdependent and cannot function without each other. Because on April 7 we celebrate World Health Day, we thought we would inform you about the influences that the oral cavity and oral health have on the whole body.Show Entire Post

At the same time, you should know that through oral tests, you can periodically check your general health.

How does oral health influence your body?

The basis of optimal oral health is effective oral hygiene. The oral cavity is an important factor in the proper functioning of the body, being in close connection with its systems. Poor oral hygiene will have unfavorable consequences on the digestive system circulatory, respiratory and more.

Digestive system

Lack of one or more teeth can lead to poor chewing. Therefore, food in the oral cavity will not be optimally chewed. This will hinder digestion and may cause stomach pain. At the same time, the absorption and secretion of nutrients will be diminished, resulting in insufficient resources for the body. In the end, your immune system will be affected and you will be more prone to certain diseases.

Circulatory system

The bacteria present in the oral cavity can reach the circulatory system very quickly, especially if your gums are bleeding. In addition, periodontal disease is one of the largest sources of infection. Inflammation of the blood vessels can cause high blood pressure or blood clots.

Respiratory system

Through respiration, bacteria in the oral cavity can easily reach the lungs. By inhaling, a greater mass of bacteria accumulates in them, which subsequently multiply. Thus, acute bronchitis or pneumonia may occur. To avoid these unpleasant situations, it is very important to take care of the oral cavity, paying special attention to oral health. Perform brushing correctly, twice a day and use dental floss and mouthwash. Do not forget about the regular check-up at the dental office, every 6 months. To complete oral hygiene, perform the preventive maneuvers recommended by the dentist.

3 of the biggest risk factors for the oral cavity    

 Poor oral hygiene

It is very important to have optimal oral hygiene to prevent bacteria from acting on your teeth. Whether we are talking about baby teeth, permanent teeth or dental work, you must pay special attention to dental care and regular visits to the dentist.     

Improper food    

 Products with a high amount of sugar are harmful to your teeth by causing acidity, which affects tooth enamel. The more they are present in the oral cavity, the greater their negative effect. That is why the duration of consumption of these foods is more important than their quantity.   

  Coffee, berries or red wine are foods that color teeth. If it is one of the foods you eat frequently, it is recommended to perform a professional hygiene once every 6 months. Airflow is a dental procedure that removes stains from the teeth, giving them even a slight whitening.

Hard foods such as nuts, peanuts, seeds or pistachios are also risky for the oral cavity. In contact with the hardness of these products, the enamel can be affected or even cracks of the teeth can appear. At the same time, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity may be injured.

Smoking and alcohol

These addictions can have unpleasant effects on your body, including oral health. Many people who smoke or consume a large amount of alcohol experience tartar, gum disease or periodontal disease. It is recommended to gradually reduce the amount and to perform regular professional sanitizations. Do not forget that it is much more advantageous to prevent than to treat. The Dental Excellence Dental Clinic recommends that you pay attention to the health of your body. Life is much more beautiful when you live it in a healthy body.


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