Hold your Hand in this Position and Discover what Follows Next

Read this article to find out some secrets your body keeps from you. You will never believe what these methods from ancient India will have as results on your body and health. For these exercises all you need to use is your hand. It is very easy and very effective.Show Entire Post

We use our hands every day to do a lot of great things. Here you will find some amazing hand exercises from ancient India which will help you to learn some basic steps that will allow you to treat the most common health diseases just using hand yoga.

Surya Mudra pose

This pose will improve your metabolism and digestion.

Perform this exercise by bending your ring finger to the base of your thumb and stretch your other three fingers straight.

Vaayu Mudra pose

This pose will help you to relax by improving the oxygen transport in your body.

You just have to press down on the index finger to your own level of comfort.

Shunya Mudra pose

This pose will help you with vertigo problems. Also it works very well for ear problems.

Touch the tip of the middle finger to the thumb tip and keep the other three fingers relaxed and straight.

Gyan Mudra

This pose will improve your creativity and also will increase your enthusiasm.

You have to touch your index fingertip to the tip of your thumb and hold your other three fingers straight.

Did you try them? If you did, Tell us in the comment section how they worked for you.


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