Avoid these Unhealthy Foods Made in China

Everything can affect our health. Read this article to find out what you should avoid.Cheap prices make us buy anything and we don’t think twice if it is good for our health. These foods that are imported from China should be avoided.Show Entire Post

Apple Juice – In China are used banned pesticides in the production of foods and fruits.

Industrial Salt – this product is dangerous because it can lead to heart attacks, high blood pressure or hypertension.

Cod Fish – it is known that in China is a big problem with the water pollution.

Chicken – In China are many problems such as avian flu and it has been proven that the chicken is kept in disastrous conditions.

Chinese Garlic – Many pesticides are used in the production of food, such as methyl bromide.

Tilapia Fish – This fish consumes anything it can find, so the water pollution in China makes this fish very dangerous for our health.

Plastic Rice – Fake rice is made from resin and potatoes to stay hard when boiled.

Stay safe and consume organic foods from local farmers. Also, use natural products, preferable made at home and read the labels and the expiration days on anything you buy and want to consume. Your body should stay strong and your health must be perfect for a long and easy life.


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